Arab. Lives in Kuwait. Muslim. Feminist. 24. Female. Devours books. Painfully sarcastic. Happy.

For more follow on Twitter at @ShazaAyesh and Instagram at @S_Ayesh

To contact please fill out the following form or email at: owlolive.blog@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. Hi, thanks for following me on Instagram.
    I like your blog, check out mine, and you can follow me on twitter if you like @mephisto003

    1. Hi! Well you’re very welcome! And I already follow you on Twitter and I’m a big fan of welurk.com ;D

      And I’m happy to hear you like the blog! Thank you! 😉

  2. I don’t know why it’s the first time for me to visit your blog when you said in a post that you’ve been here since June! Loved your writing style specially the long posts. You have a new regular reader 🙂

    1. Oh, well, first off, thank you! I’m such a HUGE fan of your blog so I’m truly flattered that you’re enjoying this humble little blog of mine ;D

      And, well, the blog was initially created in June but I never really started posting until November and, even then, it was very low-key stuff and I was really more concerned with getting my “writing muscles” going than reaching out to a huge readership right away.

      Again, thank you so much! I’m absolutely honored to have you among my readers! (and thanks for saying you like the long posts! I’ve been told I need to shorten my writing so that was a big morale booster! ;P)

  3. You are such a brilliant writer and you make reading a pleasure! Your words captivate and keep the reader so interested. You have a very real, impressive talent.

    Every now and then I’ll check out new blogs and they all have the same theme (food, shopping, and complaining). You offer something quite different with such a positive attitude. Though I’ve not come across your blog before, I’m glad I have now! Definitely a new favorite.

    1. Wow. Thank you. I’m completely speechless. Really. I’ve been trying to find a sufficient reply to this gracious comment all day and my words are totally failing me.

      So I’m going to stop trying. As puny as it sounds, all I can come up with is thank you so very much.

      Expect a basket-full of puppies (or hamsters or bunnies) coming your way.

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