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How I Should Think About My Weight (If I Absolutely Must)

WEIGHT THOUGHT #7: What is this REALLY about?

If you really boil this weight saga down to it’s most essential core you’ll probably find that, for most of us, it’s really about how we feel rather than how we look. The rest of it is just about the onslaught of media images (which, by the way, have A TON of money and marketing schemes behind them) trying to sell us the idea of looking or living a certain way. And while I know that those images are not at all easy to ignore or see through, having a real sense of self-worth can sure go a long way in laughing them off and even destroying them altogether. And where does that self-worth come from? It comes from things you already have and know. From being a good, accomplished person. From being someone you’re happy to be alone with. Someone that you like. Someone who works on making the world a better, more interesting, nicer place. From being a good friend/parent/coworker/sibling/daughter/son.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Definitely not. But you know what’s the only sure-fire way of consistently and doubtlessly looking good? It’s feeling good. You feel good: you look good. It’s doesn’t always work the other way around.

All my love!

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