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How I Should Think About My Weight (If I Absolutely Must)

WEIGHT THOUGHT #4: Why in the world do I even care?

Seriously: WHY IN THIS GREAT, GREEN WORLD DO I REALLY GIVE A FLYING MONKEY TAIL ABOUT MY VERY AVERAGE WEIGHT? I mean, are we paid to care about our weight? By that I mean, are you in some weight-ist industry like modeling or acting where it is in your monetary interest to maintain a certain weight? For about 90% of human beings that is not the case so for most of us the answer is probably no. So, fine, WHAT IS IT THEN? Why do so many women (myself included) always fall into the crazy dumb trap of saying things like “I just feel better when I’m X amount of kilos“? Because the fact is that feeling good about yourself and actually liking who you are can happen at any and all lengths of waistline. There is no magic number that is going to miraculously flip the switch to your own confidence and genuine self-worth. That doesn’t exist. I’m not denying that there is some range of weight where you would probably be at your most healthy or fit, but you’re just assigning some random, sounds-skinny ‘goal weight’ number to yourself because that’s the number you’ve been told you can announce out loud in earshot of other people.

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