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Six Lessons Lana Al-Resheed Taught Me Without Even Realizing It

Someone Already Hates You, Even If You Just Started

There is perhaps nothing more delusional than showing up as a new face or project onto a field and just expecting everyone to judge you based purely upon your merit or your quality and not who you know or what you represent to them (i.e. a threat). That’s right: in the real world mediocre people get the most accolades, and hard-workers can be ignored or vilified just cause. Them’s the breaks, kid.  Friends hire friends (or friends of friends), the people in charge can be irrational and vindictive, and nearly every single field has a toxic troll-type, a secret saboteur, and a magic golden child (and often they are the same person! And they are loved! Because they did one thing that was kind of entertaining that one time!). For this reason, Lana taught me the importance of entering any field or workplace neutrally, but armed with the knowledge that no field is ever what it seems.

Everyone Is Out to Take Your Money

This category could also be called: How To Be An Adult. Really, the amount of times that I have seen Lana catch people who have tried to snake more money out of her than was necessary IS SO NUMEROUS AND SO DELIGHTFUL. Seeing how she laughs off the fact that people are trying (and failing) at taking advantage of her and others at every corner is a lesson in adulthood in and of itself. Figuring out that, when you grow up, everyone in business is trying to make more money off you than they should is not always obvious. But if you plan on being a stable, conscious human being out in the world, it is very essential. Not getting screwed over in the world requires a kind of consumer vigilance and a willingness to advocate for yourself when no one else will (or will for a reasonable price) and this is Lana Al-Resheed’s speciality and her secret super-power. She’s a one-woman-show and she makes sure that everyone knows she can’t be fooled.

13 thoughts on “Six Lessons Lana Al-Resheed Taught Me Without Even Realizing It

    1. Thank you! And we actually met through this very blog! First we met at an event we were both invited to, then I interviewed her for Running in Heels, then she got in contact with me through my blog’s Instagram account! So, really, it would have never happened if this blog wasn’t here. And thank you again for always being so encouraging, m’dear!

  1. This list is so badass and so true, reading it felt like getting an inside peak into Warren Buffet’s head, if he had any charm or sense of humor. Way to go, the two of you. Have fun taking over the world!

  2. لنا الرشيد شخصية كويتية مشرقة، مساندة للشباب و الإبداع، و مفكرة غير عادية في مجتمع أقل من عادي. إستمتعنا بالمقالة و بإنتظار كل جديد منكم.

    1. مشكورة على الكلام الطيب و أكيد أنا أؤيد رأيك بالمبدعة الي هي لنا الرشيد. فعلاً إنسانه مافي منها إثنين.

  3. “Look up in the sky, its a Bird… its a Plane… No Its Superwoman. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Who, disguised as Lana Al-Resheed, mild mannered marketing guru for a nation-wide magazine fights the unending battle for truth, justice, and the Kuwaiti way.”

    Great story…as always.

  4. لو في يوم صار عندنا وزارة سياحية بالكويت أنا أرشح لنا الرشيد أول إسم لمنصب الوزير من دون أي تردد.

    المقال قوي و صريح و مميز… كتابه رائعة و موضوع أروع.

  5. Wat many ppl dont know about lana alresheed is she is the 1st one to reeally make projects n ideas to support kuwaiti youth n she gave sooo many young ppl in kuwait there 1st chances b4 any body.. b4 there was p2bk n b4 instagram lana was 1 of the ppl in kuwait who was 1st in giving n supporting n sharing the kuwaiti youth talents from times when she started in the hotels n such.. i know cause i was one of them n i never forget her kindness ❤

  6. it take only one amazing person to inspire sooo many others to be amazing like them .. lana alresheed prove that u dont need to be a instagram fashioonesta or sell urself to reach people n touch people in there life

    bravo to her & to u also! great woman I respect

  7. لنا الرشيد تمثل الفئة المثقفة من المجتمع الكويتي و الفئة الراقيه الغير ملحوظة في الإعلام… إنجازها عز و فخر لنا و نجاحها من نجاحنا… شخصية مبدعة لا تتكرر و طاقة إجابية فعالة مستمرة 👍

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