On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

Your Looks Are Never Truly ‘Lost’

And if so, where do they get lost to? Between the seat cushions of that old couch you gave away? Is there a secret place in the sky that all the young, pretty faces evaporate up to with each passing birthday? NO BECAUSE YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOK LIKE YOU. Because you are you! And you are a growing, evolving human being! A human being that ages!

So, if you happen to be aging (which you are! hooray!) and reading this right now, I say, please, enjoy the living daylights out of what you have in this very minute. Enjoy it and spend the rest of the time paving a path towards the next awesome phase of your life, so that, when the time comes, you can enjoy the hell out of it too.

All my love!

5 thoughts on “On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

    1. You taught me this paragraph:

      Appreciating where you are today is the big triumph of life. Fully realizing that wherever you are right now is where you are and seeing all the beautiful things in that, while also looking forward to building a road towards wherever you want to be, is entirely the point.


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