On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

You Will Not Believe How Little You Actually Care

Sorry; I know I’ve turned it into a god damned bumper sticker at this point, but hands down THE BEST FREAKING PERK that I’ve ever gotten out of being older is how much better I know myself. Even more importantly: how much more I’ve ended up liking the person I’ve gotten to know, especially when I accept and make peace with her worst flaws. The closer and closer I get to raising that level of indifference to time and my overall self-acceptance, the more liberated I feel. It is honestly worth all the youthful energy and ignorant bliss in the world, without a hint of a doubt.

5 thoughts on “On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

    1. You taught me this paragraph:

      Appreciating where you are today is the big triumph of life. Fully realizing that wherever you are right now is where you are and seeing all the beautiful things in that, while also looking forward to building a road towards wherever you want to be, is entirely the point.


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