On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

Sure, You Regret Some Stuff, But Not Like You Think

Think about it: in order for you to have done ANY of the stuff you regret not doing, you would have had to be a completely different person. And this is really the paradox that comes with regretting anything: you think you’d do it differently if you could go back but it took doing all the stuff you did during all those years to be who you are now. And, if you ask me, no amount of recompensation and memory rejuggling is worth me losing the person I’ve worked so crazy hard to be right now. No thanks.  Plus, if there still really is something that you truly and deeply wanna do then just go do it already and be done with it!


5 thoughts on “On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

    1. You taught me this paragraph:

      Appreciating where you are today is the big triumph of life. Fully realizing that wherever you are right now is where you are and seeing all the beautiful things in that, while also looking forward to building a road towards wherever you want to be, is entirely the point.


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