On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

There Are Actually A Lot Of Comforting Realities About Aging

If I ever get to be a decrepit, gloriously fat, monstrously cranky 80 year old woman at some point in my life, I know for damn sure that I am going to feel good about the fact that, if nothing else, I’m still alive at this age and still relatively healthy enough in spite of how much I KNOW I wasted my youth. I mean, for God’s sake: YOUR BODY LITERALLY TELLS GRAVITY TO SHOVE IT ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Pretty freaking amazing.


5 thoughts on “On Turning 25 (and Other Glorious Ages)

    1. You taught me this paragraph:

      Appreciating where you are today is the big triumph of life. Fully realizing that wherever you are right now is where you are and seeing all the beautiful things in that, while also looking forward to building a road towards wherever you want to be, is entirely the point.


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