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The Theft of F2O Designs in Broad Daylight (and Blatant Disregard of the Fact)


So in the last few hours an exhibition by the name of “Get2Gether Kuwait” held a showcase of some local businesses in Kuwait University. These local businesses were meant to exhibit original creations of thier own to showcase the talent and skill of the local market.

And it sure showed the talent and skill alright. In illegally stealing property and being pompous, disregarding nitwits about it that is.

Yeah, a company by the name of A&S Designs decided to outrightly steal the illustrative works of Fatima Al-Othman (the talent behind F2O Designs) and market them as their own merchandise, sell them as such, and make “beau coup bucks” off of her hard work CLAIMING IT AS THEIR OWN.

Are you all seeing red? Cause I sure am.

A quick and nimble Twitter search revealed that the two gentlemen behind this business go by the charming Twitter handles @3lawiShrero (I believe his real name is Ali Al-Enezi) and @saloomalm. These two fine human specimens seem to be completely unaware of what it means to infringe upon copyright laws (which Fatima Al-Othman has placed) and steal some one else’s property. Before making a single move towards manufacturing the first t-shirt using ANY PRINT which they did not personally make, they are LEGALLY obliged to find out who it belongs to and ask for thier LEGAL permission to use it for any gain ESPECIALLY a monetary one.

That’s the law. You know, the thing that governs how we live and keeps us from lying, cheating, and stealing at our discretion.

I had a chat with one of these well-mannered, well-spoken men of high moral standing. And, not to sound self-righteous or anything, but I think I won that one. Anyway, here is the conversation. In Kuwaiti-Arabic (and yes I am still not Kuwaiti):

If you would like me to translate it into English, or transcribe it into actual Arabic I’d be more than happy to. Also, click it to enlarge it.

I don’t know but there’s a distinct scent of “Eau De Lawsuit” in the air, don’t you think?

Please check out F2O Designs website to see the original, copyrighted, stolen sketches. I am totally and officially putting my support behind Fatima Al-Othman and anyone who helps her fight these thieves to retrieve her intellectual and creative property which is, if you ask me, one othe most valuable things you could own.

All my love!

7 thoughts on “The Theft of F2O Designs in Broad Daylight (and Blatant Disregard of the Fact)

    1. Sure, here it is:

      @saloomalm: Who gave you the right to accuse us of stealing anything from her? My dear, these illustrations are available on the net so drink some water and purify your words.

      @Owlolive_blog: Yeah, there are a lot of things that are available on the net, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to steal it because its available on the net. There are things called copyright laws, “my dear.”

      @saloomalm: And since I took these designs (or perhaps he meant illustrations) off the net, I’m going to continue to sell from them and make more of them, okay?

      @Owlolive_Blog: And, excuse me, please don’t educate me on the law. In your responsibility as a business owner, you are LEGALLY responsible to check who created these illustrations.

      @saloomalm: How do you expect me to check if they got to me without any visible copyright laws?

      @OwlOlive_Blog: Excuse me, but there’s no such thing as “they got to me…” In your role as the business owner you are responsible to seek out and reach the owner of these pictures and ask for their permission before doing anything.

      @OwlOlive_Blog: And if you would like to risk it and forgo your responsibility that is up to you, but don’t expect the law to recognize this kind of negligence and not punish it.

      @OwlOlive_Blog: And since you now know to whom these pictures belong and you know that she is not okay with you using them, then it would be ethically correct for you to withdraw from your actions and apologize, not act stubbornly.

      And that’s it. Hope it helped 😉

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