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Variety in the News: Three Cheers for Democracy (and Vampire Seizures)!

So, in keeping up with my daily RSS feed of Arab news, I’ve been noticing that a lot of the attention has recently been focused on Egypt again. See, since the removal of Hosni Mubarak by the ‘January 25th’ revolution the government has been taken over by the military at the leadership of General Hussein Tantawi. This past week, the Egyptian people have gone back out to Tahrir Square and demanded that the military government step down and to allow for civilian elections to take place. Basically, the Egyptian people want to be represented by someone which they themselves have chosen (how DARE they?). In response to this, the military government have appointed Kamal el-Ganzouri, a political official which harks back to the MUBARK ERA, as Prime Minister. Again, this did not fly well with the people at all. [link]

The really horrendous thing about this whole affair, and I think the reason why its making headline news, is because the military government has been using brutal force such as tear gas and other lethal weapons against the protestors in what has already lead to 41 fatalities at the hands of the military government. THAT’S RIGHT! PEOPLE WHO HELPED REMOVE A MAN WHO USED BRUTAL FORCES AGAINST HIS PEOPLE ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING TO THE SAME PEOPLE!

I think a loud and emphatic “SAY WHAAA…!” is in order here. There are, literally, no words (which is actually quite astonishing for me). I cannot possibly fathom that kind of thinking. Just… no. There is no justifiable amount of words that can put my state of complete and utter dismay and anger into words here. So I won’t try.

I fully support the Egyptian people in their honorable fight towards real democracy and I know that they’ll remain resilient in their  resolve until their legitimate desires are met and governmental corruption is truly put to an end in Egypt. Here are some helpful links that people both in and out of Egypt can utilize to help the oppositon: useful contact info in Tahrir Square; in case of tear gas; and information on outside parliamentary voting.

In other news, Twilight’s latest, money-guzzling, vampire love installment, Breaking Dawn, has been linked to causing epileptic seizures in audiences [another link].  Well, OF COURSE, its gonna make people seize! Did you see how Edward Cullen (a la Robert Pattinson) sparkles in the sunlight?!  Seriously, that boy could blind Liberace and send HIM into a seizure with all that sparkle! So really, these incidents are just inevitable at this point if you think about it.

All my love!

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